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.Cocoon February newsletter

Updated: 9 hours ago

Why do you want what you want? How do you know?

Do you remember? In the movie Inception, the antagonist plans to ruin the competitor's business. His method: plant a thought in the heir's unconsciousness. The thought: his father (the company's founder) is disappointed that the son tries to live as the father lived. One can imagine how this thought will drive the son away from the business. It's not only movies. Carl Gustav Jung has said: “He who looks outside - dreams. He who looks inside - awakens.” Awakes to what? To know what drives us. To bring the unconscious scripts into awareness. How do you know what your scripts are? Henri Nordström, CEO Jobilla (500k MRR), wrote, "If you would like to be a professional athlete, you would probably hire a coach? .Cocoon is just that but for a business. If you take building your business seriously, you should consider .Cocoon". The new C-level mentoring group offers the growth opportunity for 4 founders (stage from 10k MRR). Join to multiply your leadership abilities. Use the invitation code "CINV16" to unlock 1 complimentary mentoring session after the group ends. The code is valid till February 22. 5 founders of the same role and stage. 2 mentors. 3 online sessions. Look inside to awaken. Satisfaction guarantee. Reserve your seat now

For the brave ones!

Farhad Niyoz, CEO of .Cocoon


#8 .Cocoon Podcast - Rein Lemberpuu - Do what brings you joy

If work gets difficult, should I escape and do something easier to find joy? But if there is no hardship, it's very difficult to have joy.

Sure way to kill a business

Place big bets based on unverified assumptions and make sure that if any one of those bets turns out to be wrong, you hit the wall.


Jobilla raised €8.25 million

We have been working with the Jobilla team for a year and the growth they have shown is amazing. We are happy to support you in this fast-paced growth period

EyeVi Technologies raised $2M

Good job! We are so happy for you and wish you explosive success at the new US market!

Take action!

New C-level mentoring groups are about to start!

5 founders of the same role and stage. 2 mentors. 3 online sessions. Satisfaction guarantee. Ping me or my partner Hristo Neiland to discuss how to resolve your challenges and grow your company. Farhad Niyoz CEO of .Cocoon Program



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