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.Cocoon Founders Psychology Mentoring

Online Event November 25-26

The event took place on November 25-26, 2020 online. This time 25 founders and mentors got together on Zoom to solve MAD Challenge and notice their behavioral patterns.


The first day - Founders Day - focuses on action-based learning. It consists of fun activities mixed with quite substantial stress. All teams had a board and each tile had a question or a task to get the answer. When the answer was correct the tile revealed a letter or number that all together gave the final clue. The questions and tasks were on a varying level of difficulty.

Among the trivia questions, some members of the team needed to go outside. Somebody had to measure the head of a statue and figure out what is in common with street paintings under a bridge in Tartu.

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The second day - .Cocoon Day was all about mentoring. Each founder got to share about his/her biggest business challenge and the mentors helped to see the link between the previous day’s behaviors and the business challenge. And of course, everybody got practical solutions on how to change the behavior and hack the challenge.


The group support and energy brought up a lot of emotions, tears, and laughs. The extremely open and honest environment helped founders to bring out the very core challenges, which in some cases they weren’t even been able to admit to their selves. Tackling challenges starts always being aware and admitting it, only after that it is possible to put one’s focus and intent into solving it.

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I joined with the promise of growth. If there is a way how to learn something new to perform better then I’m in. In the sharing group with other co-founders and mentors I understood that the personal struggles I have had or still have are not unique. Thinking that I’m the only person in the world with this bug makes life very lonely. Accepting that they are part of the co-founder’s journey to get to the next level makes everything else easier. This is the reason why I’m here and what I’m doing and why I have the challenges that I have now. They are teachers who help me to grow to the next level. Thank you for mirroring back reality. Thank you for opening other prospective views. Thank you for listening. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for the trust.

Maido Janke, Co-founder & CEO of Eziil

Some of the participants from the previous events

Henrikas Urbonas

Interactio co-founder, CEO

Indrek Jaal

GlobalReader founder, CEO

Mattias Lepp

Click & Grow founder, CEO

Hanna Talving co-founder, CEO


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