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Your Next Level

Aim for your next level with Cocoon Next - leaders' personal and professional growth mentoring and community.

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It's Your Choice

We offer to take the monthly subscription (cancel anytime) or a 3-month package.

If you're looking at a 5-year leadership horizon, consider this: 3 months, which is just 5% of that time, could reshape both you and your business. Cocoon Next dives deeper than what meets the eye, offering a whole experience that our clients genuinely value.


Enjoy a special rate if you sign up by August 25th. Prices are exclusive of VAT.



Every month

  • 1:1 Mentoring session

  • Mastermind session

Monthly subscription.

Cancel anytime.

€ 440

Per month

The regular fee is € 470.

Community: 3 months

Month 1

  • Mastermind session 

Month 2

  • Mastermind session 

Month 3

  • Mastermind session 

€ 590

Total for 3 months.

The regular fee is € 700.

Core: 3 months

Month 1

  • Fill in Cocoon Assessment

  • 1:1 Mentoring session 

Month 2

  • 1:1 Mentoring session

  • Team mentoring session 

Month 3

  • 1:1 Mentoring session 

  • 1:1 Mentoring session

€ 2300 / € 1800

1st / each next participant from your company. 

Total for 3 months.

The regular fee is € 2500 / € 2000.


​​I joined Cocoon Program because I saw that my company and I needed a change for better results. Since then, I have brought many learnings from Cocoon back to my company - we ensure that everybody in our team has the right job for them and that team members trust each other. I have met brilliant people through this program and gained a lot of food for thought for many months to come.

Indrek Jaal, Globalreader CEO, Estonia  

How it works

Mastermind session

  • What are you struggling with most? What would you like to learn from other leaders and mentors?

  • In this monthly Mastermind session, the mentors and other participants will offer advice and support.

  • 6 participants and 2 mentors, 2 hours, online.

  • The same group to the extent possible (depending on who applies). 

1:1 mentoring session

  • Who allows you to open and explore your realities and next level?

  • Individual mentoring sessions online with your chosen mentor.

  • We will give you mentor recommendations before the 1st session.

Team mentoring session 

  • How do you uncover and clean what's hindering your performance (is "under the carpet") in your management team and reach better alignment?

  • Team mentoring sessions for you and 1-3 of your cofounders or management team members.

  • You will work with 2 Cocoon mentors, 2 hours, online.

Read more in the FAQ. 

How it works
Toomas Pihl.png

I was looking for a clearer vision for my company and a better alignment around it. Our Team workshop results astounded me - we uncovered so much about our current challenges and possible steps towards better alignment. I recommend this process for leadership teams looking to uncover and solve misalignments around vision and strategy.

Toomas Pihl, Agrello CEO, Estonia  


Can I provide this opportunity also for my management team members who did not attend Training Days? 

Yes. You can also recommend it to leaders from other companies.

If we are several team members, do we all need to take the same plan? 


Can I choose my mentor myself?

Yes. If you already know - let us know. If you don't know yet - we will suggest.

Why the two prices for Core? 

Core includes Team session, which includes your management team members. If they also participate in the Cocoon program, taking the same plan, then you don't need to pay double for these team experiences. Hence the additional tickets cost less.

What if I want to continue after the 3-month experience? 

We will provide you with options for Cocoon Program subscription packages.

What are other frequently chosen services? 

The plans above do not include Team Alignment workshop which can be arranged separately. When you think - what is holding back your team to perform on the next level? Is it misalignment, fuzzy structure or relationship issues? Then go for this option! 

You will work with 2 Cocoon mentors online or onsite either half-day or full day. Get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Can I choose Community or Core and buy additional services like Team alignment workshop separately when I feel like? 


When do I need to pay the total amount of the plan price?

For the 3-month packages: 1st part of  590 by August 25, including. The remaining part by September 29, including.

For the monthly subscription: by the 3rd day of each month. 


Participation in Cocoon Program has helped me to solve challenges in my business and also on a personal level. I learned whatever challenge I will meet, most probably someone has already experienced it, and there are at least several solutions.

Matiss Neimanis, Buildit CEO, Latvia  

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