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Marek Alliksoo

Marek Alliksoo



SKYCORP is building a carbon-neutral autonomous ecosystem of drone-based services for smart cities and regions of the future.

Feedback about .Cocoon and our mentors

The initial thought of having to do it all virtually seemed like a disappointing outcome. However, not only did it all come together magically, but we became the first "new wave" and perhaps learned things differently because of this.

A key takeaway for me from the last event was to listen to and trust other people. This especially involves trusting yourself to make those mistakes as a way to learn.

The virtual stress that was induced was also different, but a great challenge to overcome.
I feel proud to have been working together with great mentors and founders. It was an unforgettable experience with a lot more to process in days to come.


Rein as a mentor highlighted something which gave a new meaning to a famous movie quote from Dune: "Fear is the mind-killer". As an entrepreneur you expect that failure is not an option, however this non-option can also turn into something holding you back and not seeing extra opportunities and forming a stronger strategy. Understanding it makes for a true "Eureka" moment indeed.


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