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Andris Merkulovs

Andris Merkulovs

CEO at Monetizr


Feedback about .Cocoon and our mentors

Last summer, during one of the training programs at Cocoon, my co-founder and I had the opportunity to participate, although we were in different teams and different spots. It was an incredible experience as I joined other leaders in running through the forest, engaging in various activities while constantly debating and disagreeing on the best approach. Should I climb the tree or should you? Who should hold the map? Unfortunately, we failed to delegate and truly understand each other. It was in this natural environment that leadership revealed itself, asking, "Who will take charge?"
The following day, we had a session where coaches shared their childhood stories, delving into their feelings and the challenges they faced. I felt incredibly safe in that space, surrounded by a supportive environment. As the session progressed, other leaders began to open up, sharing their own experiences. And then, it was my turn...
The underlying concept of this exercise was that opening up helps oneself. However, I struggled to rationalize this idea. How could others empathize with my weaknesses if I were to expose myself? But it turned out to be a revelation! The moment I opened up, we achieved remarkable results on the first day, and as a team, we secured the top position. On the second day, my colleague commented, "Hey, you're a completely different person after opening up! I had no idea about this side of you!" It became evident that my vulnerability was, in fact, my strength, and others could indeed sympathize with my weaknesses. I was truly amazed by this realization.
Undoubtedly, it was challenging to expose myself in such a way, and I believe that all founders share similar experiences. I strongly encourage everyone to reflect deeply on their motivations: "Why do you do what you do? How can you become a better person for yourself, your team, your co-founders, and everyone involved? Where is your vision leading you?"


Last summer, my co-founder and I joined Cocoon's Training Days. Despite different teams and locations, it was an amazing experience. We engaged in activities, debates, and explored leadership. During the session, I discovered the power of vulnerability. Sharing my weaknesses led to remarkable results and improved teamwork. It was a revelation. Founders often face similar challenges. Reflect on your motivations and strive to become a better person for yourself, your team, and your vision.


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