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Who and how can join .Cocoon

Who can join 

Our services are designed for startup and scale-up founders and leaders who want to use their business as a way of self-discovery or to use self-discovery as a way to grow their business or both.


The best time to join is when

  • You feel you want to accelerate your self-discovery;

  • Or you want to accelerate the growth of your business;

  • Or you have faced challenges which you know you can't tackle without additional knowledge - you have come to realize that you need a deeper, inner change to see new opportunities to tackle your challenges. 


We are looking for growing companies. This is quite an intense program, and hence, your company needs to have enough momentum to bring new challenges to the table for every mentoring session.

How to join

Our mutual journey depends on your needs and the respective initial service you choose. In all cases: 

  1. First, get in touch with us directly or through an introduction;

  2. We will arrange an online call to get to know you, your needs and challenges, and to discuss appropriate Cocoon services to choose the most suitable for you;

  3. If both sides are satisfied with the accomplished steps, we will agree upon the terms, sign an online agreement, and start our collaboration.

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