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Business and personal growth program

Company growth and self-discovery support for startup and scale-up leaders through personal mentoring, assessments, events, and investments.  

Services for clarity and growth

Identify the roots of what's not working in fundraising, team, sales, and more. 

Grow as a leader & challenge-solver to scale your business; become a happier person.

Invest 2 days in yourself and gain a powerful growth experience to level up your business.

Finance your business and personal growth.

Why are the founders joining us?

The leaders of Google, Apple, Linkedin, Symantec, and others rely on personal mentoring for their success. There might be other ways to win, yet our clients are choosing the proven way. 

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I believe that most challenges in our life and business are directly related to the challenges, limitations, or barriers in ourselves. Cocoon helped me to understand the root cause of my challenges and remove the barriers and limitations that are causing them. At the end of the program, I am a better leader but, more importantly, a better and happier person. 

Mattias Lepp, CEO of Click and Grow

Revenue increased by 2x to 12 million eur

Our uniqueness

Business - Personal link

We start from your business challenge and find the link between the challenge and you (your perception - approach, attitudes, and behaviors). 

Perception & awareness change

The mentors of the program guide the participants to change their perception and grow their awareness, and founders can see new solutions that were unavailable to them before. 

Challenges into growth

This is when self-discovery becomes essential for business growth, and tackling the business challenges turns into the fuel for self-discovery. Your personal growth is an unfair advantage that can boost the organization's growth.

The program is for post-revenue stage startups and scale‑ups. 

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At .Cocoon, I met leaders both self-aware and taking the first steps towards self-discovery. I recommend .Cocoon for everyone who doesn't want to be the bottleneck for their own business.

Alvar Lumberg, TransferWise

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