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Greatness Training Days 

Uncover new ways to your greatness as a
high-impact individual or team

August 16-17, Riga

Few last tickets available

Who are attending

Scale-up CEOs

Scale-up co-founders

C-level executives

Cocoon mentors.

This event is exclusive to 40 selected participants.

Why attend

This is the time and place where you focus on the main tool who will bring you success - you. Join if:

  • You want to resolve a complex challenge 

  • Connect with your sense of purpose, vision and self-belief 

  • Improve your leadership team alignment and performance

  • Improve your leadership abilities.


Hundreds of founders and leaders recommend Cocoon to:

  • Learn the deeper causes of your challenges

  • Take a birds-eye look at your business and life

  • Understand how your team's personal desires are aligned, and how it impacts business.

Hands Reaching


The 1st day │ Professional Greatness

There will be 2 different tracks on the 1st day: 

The day will start at 9:00 am and end at 7:00 pm. 

We will have a dinner together afterwards. 

The 2nd day │ Personal Greatness

After getting more clarity on the professional level, the 2nd day will guide you to deeper connection and knowledge about yourself.

The Deep ticket holders will experience a day of personal mentoring in small groups. 

The Core ticket holders will experience a masterclass of emotional mastery and sharing in small groups.

You can learn more about how this experience feels in this keynote from Techchill 2023

The day will start at 9:00 am and end at 7:00 pm.

Unwind & networking

Intense work with your inner world requires time to come down and unwind. We will meet for a dinner to relax, network, and share stories with each other.




Marek Alliksoo


A key takeaway for me from the last Training Days was to listen to and trust other people. This especially involves trusting yourself to make those mistakes as a way to learn.

.Cocoon teaches you to touch the hot stove and despite knowing you get hurt, it also teaches you how to deal with it in a manner that allows you to not get burnt again by the same thing.


Gatis Zvejnieks

Overly co-founder, CTO

I joined Training Days because I had been struggling in my business for too long. I knew that I'm doing something wrong and I even acknowledged most of my wrongdoings, but couldn’t pull myself out of that, so I was looking for some help and advice.
I learned more about my personality, my positive and negative sides and what actions I should take, to change my situation. It was worth it!


Olari Tõnison

Outl1ne CEO & co-founder

I joined .Cocoon Training Days to learn more about myself - how to be happier and more successful. During those two intensive days, I was able to meet wonderful people with somewhat similar problems and I was able to clear up some of the mess that was going on in my mind. Thank you!


Laura Sagen

The Hair Fuel founder, CEO

I joined because I felt there is an obstacle standing in the way and that obstacle was within me – therefore too close to see, let alone tackle or address it.
I wasn’t really aware of the female leadership being so prominent in me. But TBD - reflection is needed.




Ticket for one person for both days to experience the lighter self-discovery approach on the 2nd day.



Ticket for one person for both days to experience the deeper self-discovery approach on the 2nd day.

Lunch and dinner on both days are included in the price. Accommodation is not included in the price. Please ask us for recommendations about accommodation.


*These prices are for attending the event for the first time. If this is not your first time at Greatness Training Days, please contact our team for prices and registration.

*VAT is added on top of all the prices, if applicable. 

Order ticket(s)

Fill in this form to apply for your ticket(s). We will get back within 1 business day.

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