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Invisible traits needed for raising a VC round

Free online workshop
November 11th 

VC Investment Readiness

This free online workshop is for all startup founders approaching VC round investment. 

Getting a Venture Capital investment seems like a huge task, nearly impossible. But thousands have done it. Yet, millions have failed. 

If you already have proven that your team and product are good and people need it, there really should not be obstacles to getting the VC round investment.

We have discovered that most of the time the obstacle is the founder him/herself 


Aleksander Tõnnisson

Raising funds or raising your potential,

that's the question. Aleksander has made over 100 startup investments in his life. In his speech, he explains the most common behaviours that hold people back. 


.Cocoon mentor

.Cocoon Ventures founding partner


Sam Teden

Sam Teden is a VC investor at Anthos Capital, USA. At this workshop, he will talk about his experience as VC investor and how he sees founders who are ready for investment - and who are not. 


Investor at Anthos Capital

USA, California


What's holding you back from getting VC round investment?

Every person has their own unique set of shortcomings (weaknesses) that guide the person to live so that they would avoid situations that make them fearful, uncomfortable, or feeling stupid. Some of the shortcomings people are aware of but some are very hidden but are running people's lives.

In this workshop, we talk about the psychology of getting VC round investment.

This of course means taking a good look into yourself and discovering weaknesses that are keeping you from doing what you are supposed to do.

If it is already too uncomfortable, then don't even bother signing up.

But if you are willing to find out what fears, behavioral patterns and beliefs are not letting you get the investment and how to go on from there, sign up.

Workshop agenda

11. November


6 pm EEST (UTC+3)  // 8 am PDT (UTC-7)

6:00 pm  │ Greeting & gathering

6:10 pm​  │ VC investor Sam Teden shares his experience stories about founders getting the investment

6:30 pm  │ Questions

6:40 pm  │ .Cocoon speaker - Aleksander Tõnnisson talking about the psychology behind investment rounds 


7:00 pm  │ Questions



Shortcomings are traits that guide people in their behaviour. Even though here we focus mostly on the negative aspects, each shortcoming has a flip side that is positive. For example, if somebody is obsessed with control and works a lot to have everything under control, this also means he/she gets a lot done and he/she is seen as a hard worker. 

Here are 3 shortcomings Aleksander is going to talk a bit more about in his speech.

Obsession with having to control


This is usually the case for people who like to micromanage, don’t like to delegate and are afraid to take risks. 


It is also difficult to create and maintain relationships - these need trust which is very hard to have if the person wants to control everything. That makes the other person feel not trusted and there won't be an environment to have a meaningful relationship.


With this trait it is super easy to overwork. While building and running a company there are plenty of loose ends and the fear of failure makes a person work so much to control each loose end.


Being well-prepared is the only way to bring a little bit of peace. But since controlling everything takes most of the time, there is not much energy left to have meaningful relationships.

Self-importance and self-pity

These are two extremes of one trait that are actually connected with each other.


The person doesn’t separate him/herself from the company - anything that is said about the company feels very personal. This trait also makes all rejections very painful.


It prevents the person from taking feedback and making the needed changes. “People don’t understand and don’t listen to me!” or “Nobody understands how good this company is!”.


This is a shield the person has built to protect him/herself from rejection, to save his/her importance and not to destroy the self-image.


But during fundraising, the investors will probably give good advice but the founder is not able to take it. Therefore being stuck in one place and not using all the opportunities to grow.

Wanting life on own terms


This shortcoming is tightly related to self-importance. 


The biggest challenge for this trait is expectations and being fixated to those expectations. If life goes anything but like these expectations, then it feels very bad. Even if the outcome is even better than what was expected. 

The person reacts very strongly to anything that is not aligned with his/her plan and this prevents him/her from seeing new opportunities. All the energy goes towards making life go along the scenario. 


It makes the person make decisions based on wishful thinking not what the reality is. It is super easy to get illusional with a very narrow vision.


What shortcomings are holding you back from getting the investment?

Sign up here or by attending LinkedIn event! We will send you the link to the workshop by email. 

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