Diana Stankevica


What do you do today?

I am a talent optimization expert, and for the past few years, I have been a partner of the Predictive Index (PI) in Baltics – a global provider of scientifically validated talent management solutions for businesses. In a few words – I help companies to hire top talent, build winning teams, and inspire them by using people data analytics. I have worked with the PI assessments for the past 20 years, and I am confident in the value they bring to the business.

Human resources (HR) are considered to be the most valuable asset of the company and there are many discussions about the importance of the right talent management strategy. However in reality there are not that many companies that use people data analytics and align their talent strategy with their business strategy. From what I see in real life, even big companies still rely on the ‘gut-feeling’ in managing their talent, making decisions mostly by guessing rather than using a data-driven approach.

People are complex. It is difficult to understand and predict them. That is why measuring people's data is as important as any other business data - using scientifically validated tools in people analytics saves a lot of time, objectifies talent decision processes in the company, and helps to build the right talent strategy to maximize the business results. From my personal experience in cooperating with different companies, I can clearly see that those who see the value investing in optimization of their HR processes have a significant advantage in being successful.

How did you get there?

I have an HR background and have been in this field all my professional life. I used to work as HR Manager in several international companies where I was covering all the aspects of HRM, but I was always most interested in understanding the true motivations behind people's behavior and identifying job positions where they could apply their natural skills best.

So, what I currently do, grew out of my experience as an HR practitioner. At some point, I understood that I am most interested in the strategic HRM and leadership development and want to work with people data analytics. When the chance came to become a part of the global Predictive Index partner network, I was happy to move from the PI practitioner role to start consulting companies in how to apply people data analytics to their talent strategy.


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