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Asaf Oz

Sales and Marketing Specialist


I find great joy and satisfaction in helping others achieve “simple” success and mind set in their business where my main focus in empowering the talents, story telling and sales.

What do you do today?

This past year has been a massive shift in my day-to-day life, Up until March I was the founder of three companies in Ukraine, selling and providing Digital Marketing, SEO and Branding to companies, the second was a Real-Estate Investment focusing on new development and commercial properties in Ukraine and high ROI properties in Ukraine for the foreign investor and 3rd was IT outsourcing company, providing affordable developers for 3rd party business and startups, in addition, to manage my own apartments and properties within Ukraine.

Since Putin “kicked us out”, I’ve shifted my focus from generating margin to self-development and finding ways to help entrepreneurs and CEOs to optimise their approach to the market, company story and sales funnels and talents.

I find great joy and satisfaction in helping others achieve “simple” success and mindset in their business where my main focus is empowering the talents, storytelling and sales.

How did you get there?

Since I finished my army service in Israel, I relocated to the UK and started working in sales of cosmetics and beauty products, I quickly understood the structure behind the operation and went on to open my own shops across the UK and Ireland and grow to 40 shops across the country.

I later sold this operation as found travelling 7 days a week and dealing with shops and buyers plus logistics took too much time from me, I’ve joint with a VC who later became my partner in opening call centres across the Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Czech, Serbia and Croatia), we opened offices in Real-Estate, Marketing, Gaming, Finance and Blockchain services to a total of 8 different companies (not including the ones in Ukraine), which we sold once profitable.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

Sales and communication came easy for me from a young age, as an outsider I learned to listen and watch people's behaviour and what makes them act, to understand not what I want, but where I bring value and a solution to another, this is the key of what made me successful both in my organisation and working with my talents across many countries and different products, the structure was always the same, from creating the story behind, and service your clients with the best intentions for their success!

Today, it brings me a lot of joy to see others utilising my structure and flow to scale up their business and empower their talents

Where are you going? What is your vision?

in the words of Picasso “The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away”.

I am truly passionate about contributing towards a better world, sustainability is important but not enough, we need to fix the wheel and live in harmony with our surroundings, my true vision is to create John Lennon’s vision of “Imagine”, I am working towards setting up communities worldwide where we are all equal and working together towards a brighter future.


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