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If You Grow,
Business Grows

Personal and professional development for Founders, CEOs and Executives


I believe that most challenges in our life and business are directly related to the challenges, limitations, or barriers in ourselves. Cocoon helped me to understand the root cause of my challenges and remove the barriers and limitations that are causing them. At the end of the program, I am a better leader but, more importantly, a better and happier person. 

Mattias Lepp, Click and Grow founder & CEO

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We broke 500K in monthly revenue now in September. When we first met with .Cocoon about 9 months ago, our monthly revenue record was 230K. It has been an excellent year for us and we feel that .Cocoon has helped us a lot in our growth story, thank you!

Janne Rotko, Jobilla co-founder & CFO

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When running a company, collecting data about performance is an essential practice, but we rarely even think of assessing human relations. .Cocoon Assessment was exactly about this - studying relationships to find what works and what does not. Together we went over touchy subjects, our future plans, our fears and by the end of the assessment we were closer, more aligned, and had better knowledge of each other than we had before.

Taniel Põld, Degritter co-founder & Chief Growth Officer 

Henri Nordström about .Cocoon Training Days
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Henri Nordström - Jobilla CEO and co-founder

MRR 800k, Team 180 people


Case study: How Jobilla Grew Their Monthly Revenue From 230K to 800K in a Year.

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